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We are, the interdisciplinary group "Techno-Poetry", work with the current social agenda in our artistic practice, using differentformats - musical concerts, performances and video production. Our method is an utopian imagination that allows us to speak from the position of the desired future, thereby bringing it closer to our present. Our group stands on feminist, LGBT activist and environmental principles, and in addition to our artistic activities, we are also engaged in socially useful work.

In our performances, we raise the issues of gender equality, gender diversity, urge to stop discrimination on the basis of gender and nationality, ask to be more careful about the environment - all this through the elegant metaphorical poetic syllable, choreographic gesture, musical motive and video narrative - heard and seen is easily grasped by ordinary viewer, they returns to this again and again and gradually imbued with these ideas for real, which is especially important for us.

Techno-poetry performs manifesto-songs built on critical discourse, appealing to the utopias of a better future. They are both everyday reality and unconscious real - with all their irregularities, fears and desires. Songs raise topics such as: class struggle, gender equality, issues of violence motivated by hatred of LGBT people +, youth as a criterion for success in the capitalist system, exploitation of the artist’s labor, precariousness, creative burnout, etc. Each song is accompanied by an immersive video narrative that supports a multidisciplinary statement format.

Between singing and performing, we conduct bodily emancipatory practices related to stated topics. At the end of a concerts, Techno-poetry usually holds a discussion with the audience - as a proposal to find intersections and differences in the issues raised by the concert. It is kind of an offer to share with each other their unique experiences and artistic strategies.

Selected festivals/concerts:
2020 - Father Frost Against festival (Helsinki, Finland)
2019 - August Mini Euro Tour (Finland: Loviisa, Germany: Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart)
2019 - Bar “Успех” (Russia, Moscow)
2019 - Убежище / Suoja / Shelter festival (Helsinki, Finland)
2019 - studio 4413 (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
2019 - “Father Frost Against Putin” festival (Helsinki, Finland)
2018 - PANDA theater (Berlin, Germany)
2018 - Убежище / Suoja / Shelter festival (Helsinki, Finland)
2018 - Techno Poetry: How To Sing Together, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
2018 - Kiyv Poetry Week (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2018 - Seance of tenderness festival (Paris, France)
2018 - Barents Spektakel festival (Kirkenes, Norway)
2017 - Insomnia festival (Tromso, Norway)
Procession Aurora in October 25, 2017 – the Day of the 100 anniversary of the Russian Revolution.
2016 - Budo Biennal (Budo, Norway) Play/Performance
2016 - Work hard! Play hard!(Minsk, Belarus)
2016 - FORMA festival (Moscow, Russia)
2016 - Barents Spektakel (Kirkenes, Norway)
2015 - Nordwind festival (Hamburg, Germany)
Academy Cologne: Performance - Play “Small victorious anschluss
2014 - FORMA festival (Moscow, Russia)
2013 - Media Impact Festival (Moscow, Russia)
2013 - Avant Art festival (Wroclaw, Poland)

Personal Bios

Marina Shamova (1990, Sebezh)

A choreographer, dance artist, performer, a teacher of contemporary dance and performance, a queer rapper, a dance artist and an LGBT activist. Graduated from independent program at School of Engaged Art “What is to be done?”. MFA in Scientific and Creative Laboratory of Contemporary Dance, Vaganova Academy of 2015. Master's dissertation: “Features of understanding the time of the artistic process among contemporary choreographers.” BFA in choreography and dance pedagogy, Institute of Decorative and Applied Arts and Humanities Education. Marina has organized and led workshops in dance and performance practices in St.Petersburg, such as “Performative actions in spaces which we share with others” and activists project for support LGBT\Feminist groups “Queer hip-hop”. S/he organizes individual and collective projects as research time-based art performances.

Roman Osminkin (1979, Saint Petersburg)

A poet, art-critic, performer and video-artist. Ph.D at the Russian Institute of Art History. Member of the St. Petersburg Writers Union since 2007. Сo-curator the Public Program project ‘Apartment Art As Domestic Resistance’ Manifesta 10. Participant of Steirischerherbst’18. Programm ’18 / Volksfronten, Poetry&Performance. The Eastern European Perspective. Shedhalle, Rote Fabrik Zürich 2018.

Author of poetry and short prose books, Comrade-Thing (Kraft, 2010), Comrade-Word (Kraft, 2012), Texts with external objectives (NLO, 2015), Not A Word About Politics! (Cicada Press, NY, 2016). Winner of the POETRY SLAM SPb, 2006, 2010 and the video-poetry festival «Fifth leg» 2010, 2016. Member of the editorial board of the «Translit».

Poetry and texts published in New Literary Observer (Russia), N+1 Magazine (New-York); Poetry Anthology «The Animated Reader». Osminkin frequently acts as an invited lecturer in various institutions in Russia and around the world.

Anastasia Vepreva (1989, Arkhangelsk)

An artist, curator and art-critic. As artist, she works with speculative and fictional approach in Memory Studies and critical understanding new technologies. Along with personal exhibitions, participated in Steirischer Herbst, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, PLURIVERSALE III, IV The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Manifesta 10, 35th Moscow International film festival. Winner of Garage Museum Grant for artists (2019-2020). Organizer of Suoja / Shelter festival in Helsinki, Finland. Vepreva is published in Moscow Art Magazine, Art Leaks Gazette, Dialog of Arts, independents portals, Editor of the KRAPIVA portal. Holds a double MA degree from Smolny College, SPBU, St. Petersburg and Bard College, NY, USA. Holds a Specialist’s degree in history.

Anton Komandirov (1978, Ukhta)
A musician, composer and artist based in Saint Petersburg. He has played guitar and bass and sung in a number of bands. He has also written poetry and lyrics and produced records by other musicians. He has taken part in contemporary art festivals in Saint Patarsburg, Moscow, Hamburg, Kirkenes, Wrocław, Kiev, Paris and Helsinki. In 2015, he had his solo exhibition “37” at Intimate Space Laboradory in Saint Petersburg. He is the author of the experimental pop electronic project kmndrff ( and a member of {rodina} band and Techno Poetry, also eredovoye udozhestvo cooperatives.
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